... a subtle sense of language.

specialist and literary translations

A good translation should not be identified as such. Apart from a proper translation of the content, the style and the fine tones ”between the lines” are of major importance.

Next to excellent language skills, a good translator needs a sophisticated and subtle sense of language to ensure that this stylistic fineness won't be lost in the translation.

Likewise, a translation should always consider the respective culture and mentality of the language in order to strike the right note.


Due to my long-time experience as a translator and several long working stays abroad, I feel at home in many languages and cultures. This enables me to integrate the respective cultural backgrounds into the translation.


Excellent language skills, stylistic sensitivity and a vast cross-cultural competence guarantee professional, high quality translations.


Over these many years as a freelance translator, the focus of my work displaced into the areas of music and culture. Through this, my great passion for languages ties up to the Cultural Studies branch of my university education.


I offer stylistically confident, expert translations of

  • websites (musicians, cultural institutions, festivals)

  • calendars of events

  • brochures

  • reviews

  • press releases

  • booklets

  • artists' biographies

Another private and professional passion belongs to literature.


My offer comprises stylistically confident translations of literary texts, like for example

  • children's books

  • nonfiction

  • guidebooks

  • illustrated books

  • novels

  • catalogs